Meet Rick and The Team

Rick Alcock — Owner/Operator

In July of 1989, Rick Alcock moved to the Las Vegas area from his home state of Oregon to launch his small landscape company. In the 23 years that followed, Rick built Rick’s Lawn & Landscaping to become one of Southern Nevada’s premier landscaping companies.

Thoroughly educated in all aspects of desert horticulture practices, Rick personally oversees his team of 12 dedicated professionals on every landscaping project to ensure that lawns, shrubs, plants and trees thrive under his care.

In his 23 years of experience in professional landscaping services, Rick has established a reputation for reliability, honesty, and the highest quality work. As founder and owner of Rick’s Lawn & Landscaping, he has only hired trustworthy and respectable employees who are required to maintain a professional, clean-cut appearance and solid work ethic. Together, they create an unbeatable team of professionals dedicated to serving you.

Rick’s Lawn & Landscaping takes pride in maintaining long standing relationships with its customers, who are continually pleased with the company’s services.

From big to small, one call will handle it all!

Our Philosophy

Understanding today’s natural, desert environment is key to planting and maintaining lasting desert scapes, xeriscapes and traditional landscapes.

Traditional landscapes require drought-efficient vegetation in the Southern Nevada climate. Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires healthy planting and efficient watering methods. Knowing the unique families of plants, shrubs and trees that thrive in this climate is essential. At Rick’s Lawn & Landscaping, we pride ourselves in designing the ideal combination of sustainable foliage with the highest water efficiency and visual aesthetics. This approach to desert-friendly landscaping sets our work apart.

Desert scapes involve a minimalist approach to planting not dissimilar to our local surroundings, offering a water conscious landscape that is in harmony with its surroundings.

Xeriscapes are today’s most water-friendly landscapes, for those who desire the most efficient environs with minimal footprint. Recent studies by local water authorities have validated the importance of xeriscaping in water conservation. Results show on average you can save 55 gallons of water per square foot by converting grass to a water smart landscape. Even a densely-planted xeriscape saves enormous volumes of water and the expense of monthly utilities and maintenance.